Business Banking

All Business Checking Accounts Include:

Free Visa Business Check Card Checking
Free ATM Usage Anywhere in the World1 Money Market
Free E-Statements or Paper Statements Account Analysis
Free Online Banking Courier
Monthly Bill Pay Available2 Lockbox
No Minimum Balance Medical Lockbox
Minimum Opening Deposit of Only $100 Free ATMs
Overdraft Sweep between Same Ownership Accounts Only $5 per Occurrence
Remote Deposit Capture & Merchant Card Payment Processing Available3


  Basic Business Commercial Checking
200 Free Items per Month - $0.25 per Item over 2004  
$6.00 Monthly Fee Plus $0.20 per Debit, Credit, Check, or Withdrawal Item & $0.08 on Each Deposited Item  
Account Analysis & Shared Earnings Credit to Offset Fees5  

Treasury Services for Business+ Accounts

Remote Deposit Capture3

Remote Deposit Capture refers to the ability to deposit a check into a bank account from a remote location, such as an office or home, without having to physically deliver the check to the bank. This is accomplished by scanning a digital image of a check via a remote deposit terminal, then transmitting that image to the bank. This service provides the convenience of depositing your receivables into your First Oklahoma Bank checking account directly from your place of business freeing time for your business needs rather than a trip to the bank. First Oklahoma Bank provides the latest equipment and processing service for your remote deposit needs.

Lockbox Service3

Lockbox banking accelerates the payment and deposit portion of your receivables in two different ways. First, lockbox banking cuts down on any postal delays caused by having your customers' payments delivered to your business address. Second, using our lockbox service shortens the amount of time necessary to process your customers' payments as First Oklahoma Bank collects the mail, delivers it to the bank, opens the payment envelopes, and deposits directly into your bank account. Your customers' payments are received and deposited all within the same day. Transaction reports may be accessed through a secure portal for immediate, efficient balancing and accounting purposes.

Medical Lockbox Service3

In addition to all the benefits of a First Oklahoma Bank Lockbox, our RemitPlus® electronic remittance for healthcare automates workflow for medical practices by electronically matching claims to payments. Our medical lockbox service increases efficiency by storing images for one full year or more. Accounting and billing functions are streamlined with our same-day processing reports. Efficiency within the office allows increased time for patient care and working denials. Our medical lockbox process ensures your claims and payments are handled safely and securely. First Oklahoma Bank is fully compliant with HIPAA/HITECH requirements.

Electronic Payment Processing3

First Oklahoma Bank electronic payment processing offers innovative methods to reduce expense and increase control of your company’s disbursements and receivables by use of electronic funds transfers through the Automated Clearing House System. Electronic payment processing is ideal for payroll direct deposit of employee wages or other disbursements such as expense reimbursements, payments to suppliers and vendors, interest payments, and more. First Oklahoma Bank commercial product specialists will work with you and your Relationship Manager to review your special business needs and identify the services necessary to streamline your operations and improve efficiency within your company’s accounting system.

Positive Pay3

Positive pay is a commercial service offered by First Oklahoma Bank to help reduce incidents of check fraud. The system enables the bank to review various aspects of a check presented for payment and compare them against a list of checks issued by our business customers each day. As each item is presented for payment, the Positive Pay system compares it to the information in your file. Any discrepancies are flagged, and you are notified with the option to pay or return the item.

Merchant Card Payment Processing3

Credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards are in demand more than ever before. Whether you have corporate customers, consumers, or a combination of both, it is important that your business accept cards as a payment method and process payments quickly, accurately, and securely. First Oklahoma Bank offers competitive pricing, excellent service, and the finest equipment to service your merchant card processing.

Business Money Market Account

Minimum Opening Deposit $5,000
Withdrawals Limited to 6 per statement cycle
Additional Withdrawal Charge $2
Free Online Banking
Interest Paid on Tiers6 Monthly
No Monthly Fee If balance does not fall below $5,000
Monthly Fee if balance falls below $5,000 $10
Free E-Statements or Paper Statements
  1. Bring in your receipt, and we will reimburse your ATM surcharge.
  2. $9.95 per month for unlimited bill pay.
  3. Customized pricing based upon business needs.
  4. Items include deposits, checks, withdrawals, and deposited items.
  5. Please call our First Rate Service line at 918-392-2590 for information on account tiers and current rates.